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 Broadening Your Knowledge of Investing - In this workshop, you’ll learn about creating an investment strategy, understand the components that form your financial picture, and see investing as a process and journey toward your goals. This workshop is for those who are new to investing or need a refresher.  Presenters: Preet Bassi and Khooshbu Bassi
Preet Bassi and Khooshbu Bassi

Broadening Your Knowledge of Investing

Preet Bassi and Khooshbu Bassi

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Learn to use science-based ways to optimize your immune system through nutrition. Combat the common cold, flu, plus other aggressive viruses, and the dreaded A, B, Cs of aging – arthritis, brain drain, and cancer by building a natural kitchen pharmacy today to keep your family healthy all year long. Presenter: Marie Ruggles, MS, RD, CN, CDE

Build Your Natural Kitchen Pharmacy

Marie Ruggles

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Building A Backyard Birdhouse - Jim Zabatta has been working with wood for fun and profit since 1973. At this workshop, you’ll learn how to prepare the wood, make a pattern, and assembly your own birdhouse to take home. Presenter: Jim Zabatta, Member of the Valley Stream Lions Club

Build Your Own Backyard Bird House

Jim Zabatta

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Everyone Has a Story, What’s Yours? - Have you always wanted to write a book? Memoirs, nonfiction books, poetry collections, novels... They all begin the same way -- with that first word. This fascinating panel, featuring authors, Deborah Burns, Jerry Aylward, Terri Moran, and Tiziano Dossena, will not only inspire you to write your story but will tell you how. Moderator: Award-winning novelist Dina Santorel

Everyone Has A Story, What’s Yours?

Moderator: Novelist Dina Santorelli

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There’s an epidemic of anxious and sometimes destructive pets. Is it related to diet? 
Pet nutrition expert and author, Christine Filard will discuss how to create biologically appropriate meals for both dogs and cats. You’ll learn the link between diet and behavior, and why a species-appropriate diet has numerous health benefits. Join the workshop and see how easy and affordable home cooking for both dogs and cats can be. Presenter: Christine M. Filard, Behavioral Nutritionist and the founder of Bow Meow Raw

Home Cooking for Your Pet

Christine Filardi

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Lavender - Why lavender, and what’s so great about it? How can you grow it? What can you do with it (culinary and therapeutic)? Learn from our local lavender expert, Floral Park Conservation Society board member, and co-founder of the Floral Park Urban Explorer’s Club. Presenter: Marina Horan, founder of, which creates employment opportunities for adults with autism.

Lavender | Culinary And Healthy Uses And A Business Too

Marina Horan

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Make Your Own Succulent Mini-Terrarium - Join us in creating your own mini-terrarium utilizing rocks, sand, shells and a plant of your choice. Everything is included in this workshop. Presenter:  Lynn Smith, President - Floral Park Lions Club

Make Your Own Succulent Mini-Terrarium

Presenter: Lynn Smith - President - Floral Park Lions Club

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Personalized Travel: The Ultimate Self-care - Imagine a vacation where you return home actually refreshed.  Where you have complete freedom to go and do what you want, when you want.  Where you reconnect with your core wants and needs.  Solo travel or doing your own thing during a vacation with others can sound incredibly intimidating, but it’s the ultimate form of self-care!  Presenter: Jen Tenzer, former financier and founder of The Soloist

Personalized Travel: The Ultimate Self-Care

Jen Tenzer

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Changing Jobs - Practical Lessons to Succeed. The day Valentina Janek left her position due to downsizing, her life truly began. Valentina, author of From Fired to Freedom and host of the LI Breakfast Club, will explain how you can recreate yourself after a job loss or significant life change. Get ready to transition to the fulfilling, exciting chapter of your life that awaits you.

Practical Lessons for Getting the Job You Love

Valentina Janek

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 Sous Vide! - Have you heard of this cooking technique? Interested in learning what it is about? Come see the difference sous vide can make, whether you’re cooking different kinds of meats, veggies, or fish. Presenter: Barbara Heine, Independent Consultant, Pampered Chef

Sous Vide! - Have you heard of this cooking technique?

Barbara Heine, Pampered Chef Consultant

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